Rena Shereshevskaya Piano
Annual Course




  • Solo repertoire
  • Course Duration:1 Year
  • Lectures:10
  • Language:FR – RU
  • Course Price:€ 2.049,00

From Rémi Geniet to Lucas Debargue, the Russian teacher trained and advised best pianists of the young French generation.

In 2019 her French student Alexandre Kantorow won the 1st Prize for piano and the “Grand Prix” of the 16th Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow.

Guilty of a crime of the initiating of a delicate flower of French piano into a complex science of the interpretation.

Guilty of leading, during 25 years, pianists of all ages, all levels and all backgrounds to a crucial question, the only one, for her, which allows a pianist to understand who he really is:

Where does the playing end and begins the interpretation?
“I always tell my students: ‘The playing must be easy. What is difficult, it’s the interpretation. Not just to play notes but to make them sound’.”

“Rena Shereshevskaya – an empress of piano”.

– Thierry Hillériteau (Figaro, 07.08.2018)