Sonia Prina Voice
Annual Course




I would love to go deeper on technical skills, in order to be sure that every student has in mind that the lyrical technique is the same for every repertoire, the only thing that really changes a lot is the praxis of the repertoire itself.

I would explore all the period from ‘600 to late ‘700, starting from my beloved Monteverdi, Cavalli, going through Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Porpora, Gluck and Mozart. I would love all my students to know and experience that this is not OLD music, but it is actually more modern that the later opera repertoire.

I would love therefore to prepare my students for competitions and auditions, preparing and studying what is most representative of the student’s skills.

  • Course Duration:1 Year
  • Lectures:10
  • Language:EN – IT
  • Course Price:€ 2.049,00

“Naturally the sensitivity, sweetness, mellowness and depth of expression of Sonia are little short of miraculous, and her pronunciation of Latin has a flavor all its own”.

– Forumopera